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Logo and photos
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The use of these materials is only allowed in contexts concerning Hopoti. The rights to the Hopoti logo and other materials are held by Hopoti Software Oy. Transferring the right of use to third parties without authorisation is prohibited. Please also note that Hopoti and the Hopoti logo are registered trademarks.


The Hopoti logo must always be surrounded by a margin that must not include any pictures or text. The minimum margin is half of the logo’s height.

Use the blue logo on light backgrounds and the white logo on dark or coloured backgrounds. The Hopoti logo is a symbol that users need to be able to recognise, so it must not be altered in any way.

  • The size of the logo can be changed, but its aspect ratio must be maintained.

  • It is not allowed to remove or add anything to any part of the logo.

  • The colours and the fonts of the logo must not be changed.

  • Do not rotate, skew, stretch or bend the logo.

  • Do not use the logo in a sentence.


A preview of all logos can be found below. Use high-quality PNG and PDF files for online use and printing, respectively. All logos and their corresponding file versions can also be downloaded as a single ZIP file:

Hopoti logo
Blue: PNG | PDF
White: PNG | PDF logo
Blue: PNG | PDF
White: PNG | PDF


A preview of all photos can be found below. The first demo is in Finnish and the second in English. High-quality photos can be opened by clicking the title of the photo. All the photos can also be downloaded as a single ZIP file:

Business marketing materials

All materials for stables can be found in the Marketing materials article.

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