Hopoti has been updated on Monday, May 1, 2017 and the latest version is automatically available to all users. Below is a list of key changes and new features:

  • Renewed home page and visual look as well as improvements in responsiveness.

  • Added creation and commenting on posts to user, stable and horse pages.

  • The user's page now shows the user's skill level correctly.

  • Horses and user search in stable event day views now works from full name, not just first name.

  • On the Horses page, you can search for a horse by nickname in addition to the official name.

  • Fixed functionality for defining horse skill levels.

  • Changes to the skill level selection on the front page as well as on the stable page.

  • Corrections to the stable's customer list.

  • The stable's customer list shows how many times the customer has been riding and how many hours are booked.

  • Recurring events can now be edited all at once.

  • The calendar scales according to the times of the events.

  • Preliminary support for seasonal events.

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