Update 2017-08-25
Updated over a week ago
  • Stablecards now appear as small versions in your calendar and in the Booking section of the team.

  • All Finnish riding clubs can now be selected in their own section.

  • Favorite Stables can now also be added as soon as a new account is created, as well as directly on the Favorite stables page.

  • Clarified the Booking section and the payment page and added Quick Instructions to them.

  • Several bug fixes related to e.g. for commenting.

  • Events can now be referenced on the calendar page with a direct address.

  • Customer list retrieval has been improved and speeded up, customer balance editing has been clarified, and customer deletion from several hours now works for all transaction types.

  • Event management will alert you to lessons beginning within 24 hours that are not assigned to the rider on the horse.

  • In event management, the event note is more prominently displayed, and in addition, bug fixes and validation of filled data have been made in the management.

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