Update 2017-09-21
Updated over a week ago
  • The horse assign with the rider and information about the horse’s previous hour is displayed on your calendar when the horse is assigned.

  • Stables can select appropriate cancellation times and facilities for their lessons when creating and editing hours, which will appear when booking hours and on the riders ’own calendar.

  • The rules of the stable are displayed on the front page of the stable and when making reservations, the teams can make changes to the rules in the settings of the stable.

  • A new Archive section has been added to the stables to replace the previous Statistics section. In the archive you can search and examine all the reservation, stable card, payment, horse and statistical information of the stable and download them as spreadsheets.

  • Added a new Beta Day view in beta to the Stables Events section, which can be used like a day view to share horses with riders but with an improved view.

  • Added ability to add and edit in team settings:
    - Stable emails such as payment, booking and cancellation notices to the stable.
    - Stable assumptions, such as booking closures on weekdays.
    - Facilities such as stable riding fields and manege.
    - Stable rules and default cancellation policies.

  • Assigning the horse for simultaneous lessons has been blocked, as well as several other bug fixes.

Supplementary updates between September 22 and November 8, 2017

  • The information on the Customers page can be downloaded as a spreadsheet.

  • Added Reports section to the archive, where you can only download Hopoti's service payment receipts for the time you want. In this way, the entire Hopoti accounting material of the stable can be downloaded from the Archive as a completely self-service. In the future, other reports will also be available for download.

  • Day view printing lists the horses that are on holiday at the end, and more paper sizes are available, as well as a new Teacher by Print layout.

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