Update 2017-11-09
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  • Riders now also see canceled lessons on their own calendar.

  • Riders can search the stables Booking page for suitable hours with the previous "Show only hours of the selected skill level" filter, but also with the "Show only lessons for which I have a Stablecard" and "Show only lessons with space" filters.

  • Tags will be available for stables to limit what customers can see and buy from the stable and how, for example, cancellation cards work. Read more about Tags.

  • The stables use a new Customer Window, which can be opened from the Customers, Events and Day Planning pages. In the customer window, you can view and edit customer basic information, reservations and stable cards. In addition, editing and adding stablecards now works on a card-by-card basis and, for example, validity periods can be changed. Read more in the Customer window.

  • Created and edited events changed to open in your own Event window instead of the sidebar. In addition, new fields have been added and the payment principle has been modified so that the Single event, Season and Stablecard sales methods can be selected and combined as desired. Read the updated instructions for adding and editing hours.

  • The day view is now combined with editing events in the same Event window. In the future, clicking on the event will open the Event Window, where you will find the Horses, Customers and Notes sections familiar from the previous day view. Read the updated help for events.

  • The Day view will be replaced by the Day Planning view, which will be released from beta, and was already introduced in the experiment in a previous update. Bugs have been fixed and the view has been improved - now, for example, the rider's previous horses can be easily checked in the Customer Window. Read more about Planning the Day.

  • The on-site entry has been changed so that whenever a participant is given a horse, he / she will also be marked as present. This is only the case if the participant does not arrive, the on-site entry needs to be changed.

  • With the tags, changes have been made to several views, such as events, customers, and stable card settings. We have updated all of our guidelines to reflect these changes. In addition, a separate section for "Stables" has been opened on our support site, where more support articles will be collected in the future to guide you through the use of Hopoti. In the same section you will also find Hopoti's marketing materials as well as logos and images for the use of the stables.

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