Update 2018-01-04
Updated over a week ago
  • Hopoti can be used in up to five different languages ​​- in addition to Finnish and English, Swedish, French and Dutch are now also available. Fantastique!

  • Stablecard validity principles changed: in the future, only lessons until the card expiration can be booked. In this context, the cancellation conditions have also been clarified so that the validity of a canceled card is determined by seasonal lessons until the end of the season, purchases made with stablecards until the original team card is valid and in other cases one month onwards.

  • Accelerated page loading by compressing and shrinking images even better - in the future, images in comments can be opened in larger and higher quality by clicking.

  • In addition to the name of the stable, the name of the company now appears on the pages of the stable and on the pages of the horses, in addition to the official name, also a nickname.

  • In the planning and printing of the day, the type, program, status and teachers have been added to the lesson data, and it is also possible to print on mobile devices.

  • Stablecards for sale can now be fully edited in the stable settings.

  • The order of the horses in the planning of the day and elsewhere can be changed from the stables page of the stable via the new Order of Horses window.

  • The riders ’clubs and memberships are now displayed in the stable in the customer window, in addition, the missing balance information for the riders has been added to the event window and the day’s planning.

  • The business is now also able to collect registrations for various free events through Hopoti.

  • Bug fixes and improvements to the day's schedule, event window, and recurring event schedule calendar. Also the client window optimized much faster.

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