Update 2018-09-04
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Wish it was so warm every summer! The heat of summer 2018 created the perfect coding conditions, here are the results! 🔥

  • Hopoti's front page has been redesigned in appearance and content. For example, Logged-in users can now see on the front page the following events from their own calendar, as well as the last-minute lessons of their own favorite stables, ie the next free lessons suitable for the rider.

  • In the future, the stables will be found using the new Stable Search. The search on the Hopoti front page allows you to find the Hopoti pages of the stables even faster. By selecting a location from the same search, you can search for stables near the location you want. You can also filter the search according to the stable's offer and services, and also view the stables on the map.

  • Now you can also search for the lessons offered by all Hopoti stables using the Event Search. You can search for lessons near the place, from certain stables, or just from your favorite stables. You can limit the search to a suitable time interval and also add search criteria, such as the hour type. This way, for example, the summer camps of all Hopoti stables can be easily found in one place!

  • History is a completely new function that benefits both riders and stables in clearing up various matters. From there, all purchases, reservations, cancellations and stablecard changes are conveniently visible from one place. The customer can download from history, for example, receipts for purchase transactions. Riders can find their history under their own calendar, while stables see their riders' history in the Customer Window.

  • Other rider activities have been improved around Hopoti. For example, registration has been clarified and favorite horses can be added and removed more easily directly on the stables Horses page.

  • Stables can now add their own stable features and services from the ready-made lists in the stable settings. The information appears on the stable page and also allows users to search for specific types of stables in the stable search.

  • The business can now set the validity of the stablecards for sale in the team settings to be valid not only for months but also for weeks, days or a fixed date.

  • The Event Window for Stable lessons has been improved. The window can be opened from several different locations around Hopoti, and in Edit mode, the appropriate team cards for the event are immediately displayed according to the tags selected in the window. For the sake of clarity, the Customers section now also shows preliminary bookings as well as canceled customers. In the event window, horse sharing has been changed to select from a list to make mobile use easier.

  • In the Customers section of the event window, the addition and deletion of customers for classes has also been redesigned. You can add more riders to the class at the same time, you can choose the hours to be booked from the list and you can also charge the stable card at the same time. In connection with the deletion, you can select the hours to be deleted from the list and whether or not the rider will receive a stable card as compensation.

  • In the settings of the team, you can now change the order of the team cards, price list and staff to your liking by selecting the Order option on those settings tabs. This affects the order shown on the stable pages and settings.

  • The layout of the stable pages has been redesigned. The offer and services of the stable have been added to the front page, and at the same time the map has been removed, so that the pages of the stable can be loaded even faster. In the future, you can access the map by clicking on the address of the stable.

  • The types of events have been harmonized, now all stables have the same types in use so that the hourly search works in the best possible way.

  • In the customer window, the lesson type has also been added to the display of previous horses and lessons.

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