• A brand new support center has been released, all articles have been carefully updated throughout and the support center will soon be available in English as well.

  • You can now change your email address in your own settings.

  • Login is eased by displaying the login method previously used on the device.

  • Weights and lengths can now vary from country to country, with stones and pounds and legs and inches being used in Britain in the future.

  • New Day Summary view for Hopoti business accounts, where you can browse the entire day's schedule, attendees, lessons, and other information by instructor and event location in addition to the usual.

  • In the future, payment contract can be filled in independently directly via Hopoti's settings.

  • Editing horse information will open in a separate window in the future.

  • Hopoti business account registration can now be done by clubs as well as other companies.

  • Collaborative links are possible between Hopoti corporate accounts through settings. Accounts can share calendars with each other, so that events in one Hopoti Company account can also be displayed on the Booking page of the other Company account. The function is intended, for example, in Finland for co-operation between clubs and stables.

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