Update 2019-08-07
Updated over a week ago
  • Terms of Service have been updated and are available in English, Finnish and Swedish. With Hopoti expanding globally, we wanted to clarify and simplify the terms once more and translate the new and updated terms into English and Swedish as well. We hope that the new terms are now, in your opinion too, more understandable and better. In addition to renewing the Terms, we updated the Data Processing Appendix for Stables and updated the Privacy Policy and Cookies sections. Please read the changes carefully.

  • Support for country, language, currency, and tax options has been expanded. Currently, supported countries are Australia, Belgium, Finland, France, Netherlands, Sweden and UK. Supported currencies are Australian Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling and Swedish Krona. Also, we now support the Australian GST and all globally needed date, weight and height formats.

  • Horseback archery added as a new calendar type.

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