Update 2021-09-08
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Hopoti receives 'Strongest in Finland' certificate

'Strongest in Finland' certificate is awarded to a company whose Rating Alfa credit rating belongs to the two highest AAA or AA+ categories. The certificate is awarded only to the best of the best: just 12% of Finnish companies meet the strict criteria of the certification. The certificate is a sign of a company's positive financial figures, background information, and good payment behaviour.

Revamped browsing and searching of support articles in chat

Find the answers to your questions more quickly. In the chat window, tap "search for articles", and you will conveniently see all our articles by topic. The search also works faster and more conveniently.

Improvements to the transfer of bookings and cards

Transfer booking and Transfer credits buttons will always be visible from now on. If the transfer has been restricted (the business has restricted transfers, the cancellation time has expired, or the reservation has not been paid), this will now be clearly stated at the button.

Improvements to paying invoices on Family Accounts

In the past, on Family Accounts, when a child's invoices were paid, the guardian was also required to fill in their rider information. The information to be filled in now is always checked from the actual rider. Also fixed some other invoice views for Family Accounts.

Stripe payment information filling is now enabled

Deploying Hopoti with our international payment provider Stripe is now even easier. Go to Payments in your business settings and tap "Fill in Stripe payment information" to go to the Stripe service to fill in the required information about the company and its key people. If there are any changes to this information later, the published companies will also be able to edit the information via the same link conveniently.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Moved the Parental Permit section for minors at the bottom of the registration form to make it more noticeable.

  • English, Estonian and Swedish translations checked and updated.

  • For businesses, marking an invoice as paid also saves any changes done in invoice information.

  • Fixed the businesses' view for a situation, where guardian and child are at the same lesson, and other's bookings are to be changed, for example to be moved to another day. Previously both parties invoices and bookings were selected, but this is now fixed.

  • Fixed the functionality of the reserved services if the service is no longer for sale due to the deletion of the service.

  • Fixes to service restrictions.

  • Fixes to horse window's missing translations.

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