Update 2021-10-05
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Send messages based on tags

Businesses can now send messages to their customers based on tags. On the Tags tab of the Customers page, scroll to the tag you want and tap Send a message. All tagged customers will receive the message.

Summaries available on Horsecare for businesses

Businesses now see a summary of the number of lessons and riders per day on the Horsecare page, just like the Events page. The summary is only visible in the Week and Day views.

Hopoti's payment provider in Finland is now Paytrail

Checkout and Paytrail were merged earlier with a business acquisition. Starting from now, Paytrail will also act as Hopoti's payment provider in Finland. This change is now visible across Hopoti and the payments. The new Paytrail customer services for consumers and businesses are available around the clock. See Paytrail.com for more detailed contact information.

Other improvements and fixes

Improvements and fixes, e.g. to the mobile menu, to mark the end of the season on the Booking page, to transfer the rider from one lesson to another on the mobile, to the visibility of the camps on the Booking page and for rare problems with horse assign.

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