Horsecare for Riders
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Hopoti Horsecare is a handy tool for horse owners for health monitoring, medical information maintenance, and care and exercise diaries. As a Plus member, you have unlimited Horsecare features so that you can add all your horses and their entries to Hopoti and share them to your team.

Getting Started


Under the Horses page in your profile, you'll find the Add Horses button to start adding your own horses. Just fill in the basic information about your horse and your horse's own Hopoti page is done, and completely free by the way! Under the Horses page of your profile, you will also find a paid Horsecare page to start using the Horsecare features.

Horsecare Features

Once you have added the horses, you will see a Horsecare page on the Horsecare page. There you can create many different entries, such as:

  • Treatment

    • Shoeing

    • Hoof Trim

    • Dental

    • Massage

  • Medical

    • Vet

    • Medication

    • Vaccination

    • Worming

  • Others

    • Activity

    • Day off

    • Accident

    • Close call

    • Other

You can also add other information, such as a description, date range of when the horse is disabled, secured attachments (for example Vet visits), and medical bookkeeping fields (in Medication entries). You can browse the entries in the Horsecare Calendar, where you can select the horses and the types of entries you want.

You can create new entries by tapping the New entry button or the desired day in the Horsecare calendar or in your Own calendar. You can view and edit existing entries by tapping the entry to open more information about the entry. It is advisable to mark the entries for all the activities and actions that have been done, but it is also advisable to plan for the future, for example, shoeings, so that the entries act as automatic reminders.

You can view the horse's information by tapping the horse's Horse Window button on the Horses page. The information opens to your own view, where you can see at a glance all the basic knowledge, notes, care instructions and the latest Horsecare entries. The view is slightly different for Users and Business Accounts.

You can view and change the permissions in the Edit section of the horse window. Permissions can be added to both users and stables, and options include read, edit, and owner permissions. Permissions gives the entire horse team easy access to Horsecare information. If your horse lives at any Hopoti stable, just add horse permissions for that stable to get free access to Horsecare features.

Use the Print button to select the time, horses and Horsecare categories which you want to print out. This is perfect for example for getting the medical bookkeeping printed out for a longer period at once.

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