Update 2022-09-25
Updated over a week ago

πŸͺ Updated Cookies and Privacy policy

We have divided the cookie choices into more detailed sections and updated both the Cookies and Privacy policy articles.

🌳 Introducing a new emission compensation project

Find out more about carbon-neutral Hopoti's newest emission compensation project, the Kenyan afforestation project, on our website: https://hopoti.com/co2

🐎 Horsecare entries visible in the Horse Assign

Previously, only "Not available" information was in the Horse Assign, but now all Horsecare entries are shown directly in the Horse Assign section when you move the cursor over the horse. You can recognize Horsecare entries by the ⚠️ sign after the horse's name or if the horse is on the "Not available" list.

πŸ“… New icons in booking calendars

Businesses now have many new and useful icons for their booking calendars. Take a look right away to see if you can find the right one for your use case!

πŸ”§ Other changes and fixes

In this update, we've focused on fixing various bugs and issues to make everyone's Hopoti experience as smooth as possible. In addition, we've made many small changes to different views – one example is showing the Stripe payout delay and the connected bank in the Settings -> Payments section.

πŸ†• Lots of new things are coming for riders!

For a long time, we have prepared for a new Hopoti update aimed especially at riders, which contains many new and interesting features and a completely new homepage experience for all Hopoti users. We've formed a global test team for whom these features are now rolled out into beta testing. Hopefully, we will be able to release the final update and tell you more about these features soon in the coming months!

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