You can monitor your bookings, sales trends and statistics in the Archive. First, select a time frame. This will update the view to display the selected time frame. The key figures of stables can be monitored easily with the Overview, see image below. 
  • Sales and Sales excl. VAT indicate the total amount of Payments processed in the selected time frame. 
  • Events shows the lessons in the selected time frame that include Reserved places and Total places
  • Occupancy indicates the ratio of reserved places and the total number of places.  
  • Active clients indicates the number of clients who have participated in events in the selected time frame, whereas Total clients indicates the number of people on the Clients page. 
  • Total card credits indicates the total amount of credits on the Stablecards owned by clients, and the Fill percentage below indicates the number of available places that could be booked with these credits. 
In addition to these key figures, the Overview also displays the corresponding figures of the previous time frame and the percentage change to make monitoring your business as effortless as possible. 
In addition to the Overview, all the data of a Hopoti business account is available conveniently as tables in the Archive. Data in tabular format can be Arranged by header, Filtered according to various fields and Downloaded as a spreadsheet for further usage in Excel, for example. An example of the Payments view and a list of different views are presented below. 
  • Bookings indicates all lessons booked and cancelled in the selected time frame. 
  • Cards indicates the amount of Stablecards given to clients in the selected time frame. 
  • Payments is a list of all payments made via Hopoti in the selected time frame. 
  • VAT is a summary created in accordance with the VAT specification for taxation purposes. 
  • Horses includes the activity and other information regarding all horses. 

In addition to this data in tabular format, you can also browse and download various reports from the Reports section. Currently, the following reports are available: 

  • Commission receipts, official receipts for the service charges made in the selected time frame. 
  • Age report allows you to search for clients of certain age and the amount of reserved lessons in the selected time frame 
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