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🇫🇮 Finland: Back in the Saddle 

Hopoti and the Equestrian Federation of Finland are launching the Back in the Saddle campaign that is aimed to encourage former enthusiasts to take up the sport once again! This article includes information about the campaign and instructions for Hopoti stables on how to participate.  

How can our stable become involved? 

Joining the campaign is very easy for Hopoti stables. Just set the type of a lesson as “Back in the Saddle” and you’re done! You can include already existing lessons in the campaign or create completely new lessons suitable for the campaign’s theme according to the instructions below. Each stable can create unique Back in the Saddle lessons, but we’ve provided some pointers to ease the creative process. This article includes tips on how to conduct the campaign at your stable.  

Why should our stable become involved? 

The campaign includes an extensive marketing campaign, free of charge. The purpose of the campaign is to make it easier for stables to acquire clients. Lots of people who have given up horse riding can begin anew, thanks to the campaign, so why not let this happen at your stable? Participating in the campaign is completely free of charge, and it remains active all year round. Stables only need to create their lessons and events in Hopoti. We’ll take care of everything else. 

Where is the campaign promoted? 

Hopoti and the Equestrian Federation of Finland have created campaign videos and advertisements distributed on various social media channels and video platforms, for instance. Back in the Saddle campaign stories will also be published in other forms of media, such as magazines and newspapers. In Hopoti, the campaign is promoted as “Back in the Saddle” lessons, which enables effortless searching via the Lesson search for lessons included in the campaign. One of the campaign videos can be found below: 
What kind of a lesson should a Back in the Saddle lesson be? 

As long as the type of a lesson is “Back in the Saddle”, it will be presented as a part of the campaign. Of course, the content of the lesson is also important in order to help people return to the sport. Based on the feedback from stables, our recommendations for Back in the Saddle lessons are as follows:  
  • It is difficult to commit a rider to become a permanent client in a single lesson. That is why it is worthwhile to consider arranging a Back in the Saddle course instead of individual lessons. More lessons will support group development, which in turn has a positive effect on making the rider a permanent client of the stable. On the other hand, a five-lesson course is also a more sensible option for an experimenting rider than an entire season or a ten-time card due to its price.  
  • The actual course should begin with a theory lesson, including instructions on how to tack up a horse for a lesson, for instance. Lots of people feel a bit nervous about their first time back in the saddle, so a theory lesson helps everyone to be on the same level on how to tack up a horse and allows participants to present their wishes regarding the course. The first lesson can also include a short ride, but it does not need to take up the entire lesson (theory also takes some time).  
  • Other lessons can be about riding, beginning with the basics and advancing according to the skills and wishes of the participants. If possible, it is wise to experiment with a variety of things in the lessons. The most important aspects of these lessons are a good atmosphere and experiences that bring back memories!  
  • If possible, it is recommended to arrange these courses throughout the year, at least two in the autumn and two in the spring in order to guarantee the year-round availability of the campaign and that anyone interested can find out when the next course is about to begin (the Hopoti support receives a surprisingly large number of enquiries on how and where people can take up horse riding).  

Tips for creating a lesson in Hopoti 

  • The Title of the lesson can be, for example, “Back in the Saddle course” and its Description can be the following text (you are free to edit this as you please): “Welcome to the Back in the Saddle course! If it has been a little while or quite some time since you last rode a horse, this course is ideal for you. The first lesson of the course includes a section on theory, and the rest is devoted to riding. We begin with the basics and advance according to the skills and wishes of the participants. Appropriate riding equipment includes stretch pants, gloves and shoes with heels, such as rubber boots or hiking boots. The horses will be prepared for each lesson together with the instructor, and all lessons begin with easy steps. Enjoy your ride Back in the Saddle!” (the text excerpt is from the Tampere Riding Centre, thanks to Laura and Tomas for sharing this excellent template!) 
  • It is advisable to enter as specific information as possible in the Lesson programme field, for example “The first lesson is theory, covering how to tack up a horse” or “This lesson includes cross-country riding”.  
  • The lesson can be attached to the Recommendations showcase calendar or a similar calendar. 

Is our stable allowed to advertise the campaign?
Of course! Active promotion of your stable’s Back in the Saddle lessons via your own channels and marketing modes is encouraged (Facebook, Instagram). You can also share and forward Hopoti’s and the Equestrian Federation of Finland’s marketing posts and videos via your channels.  

Sounds good, count us in! 

That’s great! We are challenging all Hopoti stables to participate in the campaign in order to attract as many enthusiasts to the sport as possible. If you feel that you have more questions, please contact Hopoti support via the chat in the lower right corner of by email at for further assistance!