The Horses page includes the horse management feature for stable administrators. The page can also be viewed by clients, but with limited content and no editing rights.

New horses can be added by clicking the Add horse button, and already added horses can be edited by clicking the pen icon next to the horse. Click the Sort horses button to edit the order of horses in the daily view and print-outs.

The following details of horses can be saved: 
  • Official name (required) 
  • Nickname (required) 

  • Skill level 
  • Max. rider weight 
  • Max rider height 
  • Profile and cover picture 

  • Gender 
  • Birthday 
  • Breed 
  • Breed info 
  • Notes (not displayed to clients) 
An individual Hopoti page will be automatically created for all horses, through which certain details of the horse can be edited. Clients and personnel can make posts on the horses’ pages where they can share their experiences and stories about the horses. In addition, clients can add favourite horses, i.e. submit horse requests for certain lessons on the pages of different horses and collectively on the Horses page. 
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