Register a Business Account

Business accounts are controlled with a personal user ID, so you must join Hopoti first. Registering a business account is possible when you log in. The link to registration can be found in the footer in Hopoti and here: Register a business account.


Hopoti business accounts can be created for: 
  • Stables 
    • e.g. riding schools, private stables and other stables 
  • Clubs 
    • e.g. riding clubs 
  • Companies 
    • e.g. coaches 
Registration takes about 5 minutes. In addition to the account type, you are asked to provide details of your business and your contact details. Once the registration is completed, the business account is immediately active, and you can experiment with all of Hopoti’s features as you please. Business accounts are not displayed in searches or publicly before they are made public. The business account page can be accessed via favourite stables or by entering its URL in the browser.

You can immediately start inviting your staff, edit the description, photos and horses of you stable and even create events. We suggest that you look through your settings first.

Online payment service agreement 

In order to make a business account public and available in Hopoti, an online payment service agreement must be made. Once confirmed, your company can start selling via Hopoti and it can be made public! 

  • All countries (except Finland)
  1. Please contact Hopoti’s customer service for a list of the required information that can be submitted via email. 
  2. We will add this information to the system provided by our online payment service provider Stripe for inspection. 
  3. Once the information has been inspected, Stripe will create a payment ID, and Hopoti will let you know when the company can be made public. 

  • Finland 
  1. Go to the business account settings section Payments. There, you will find a link to an online form provided by our online payment service provider Maksuturva for you to fill in. 
  2. Once you have filled in the form, you will receive the actual agreement to the email address you have provided for electronic signing within a couple of business days. 
  3. Once you have signed the agreement, Maksuturva will create a payment ID, and Hopoti will let you know when the company can be made public. 
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