Sending email

Clients always receive email messages regarding all purchases, invoices, bookings and cancellations made by themselves or a company. In addition, companies can also send separate email messages to their clients via Hopoti. 

There are different ways of sending an email to a client: 
  • To multiple recipients on the Clients page click the Send messages button and select the recipients. 
  • To a single client in the Client view click the Send a message button. 
  • All clients of a lesson when editing an event click the Send a message to all clients of the lesson button. 
  • All clients of the day via the Day Planner click the Send a message to all clients of the day button below the tool icon. 
  • All clients of a lesson via the Day Planner click the Send a message to all clients of the lesson button in the drop down menu next to the lesson. 

The recipient of the message are automatically selected according to your choice. You can edit the subject and the actual message before sending it: 
An example of sending an email message
The message will be sent to the clients’ email addresses once you click the Send button. Please wait until all messages have been sent before you close the window. Any messages sent to family accounts will be sent to a guardian’s email address. 
All messages will be sent separately to each recipient from the address, so the recipients cannot see other recipients. These messages cannot be replied to. If someone tries to reply, an automatic message indicating that the message has not been forwarded and will not be read will be sent to the sender of the reply. 

Please note that sending messages to clients is still in a test phase, and only messages concerning the service can be sent. Please do not send any promotional messages. The feature will be developed based on your feedback. One aim of the development work is to implement an email address selected by the stable as the reply address of the message.  
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