Find riding centres
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The fastest way to find all stables and service providers registered in Hopoti is to search by name via the search bar on the front page.

You can also search for a city or town in the same bar to browse all nearby stables in the Stable search.

Nearby stables and the lessons offered by them can be viewed at a glance. You can filter the search by selecting certain features of the stable or service. In addition, the quick search feature includes popular and current search terms.

Click the stable’s name to open the stable’s Hopoti page that includes further details of the stable.

The stable’s page includes a Booking section where you can search for and book lessons. You can also learn more about the horses of the stable and submit requests related to them on the Horses page by adding favourite horses.

Please remember that you can add a stable as a favourite by clicking the heart button next to the stable’s name. This will display your name on the stable’s client list and make it easier for you to access the stable’s page.

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