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Lessons can be searched for directly in the Booking section of the stable’s page or with the Event search feature. When a suitable lesson has been found, it can be booked by clicking the Book button. Different options may be displayed depending on the stable’s settings when booking a lesson.

First, select the service you want to purchase – a single lesson, an entire season or a Stablecard. Depending on your choice, several lessons can be selected in the Selected Lessons section.

Then, select the preferred payment method – depending on the stable and country, a variety of payment methods is available. Finally, check the details of your booking in the Summary, and continue to payment.

A confirmation of a successfully placed booking will be displayed to you after the payment. You will also receive a receipt in your email. All lessons booked will be displayed immediately in your calendar, where you can also cancel lessons, if necessary. Any Stablecards granted to you in a purchase will also be displayed immediately on the Stablecards page.

🤔 Lesson, Season, Stablecard..?

In the picture, the Purchase single lesson option is selected. This option is used to purchase individual lessons. As the lesson in question is a recurring lesson, a schedule is also displayed, which indicates that three lessons have been selected for purchase.

Stablecards for multiple events provided by the stable can be purchased in the Purchase a Stablecard section. Stablecards may help you save money, and you are not required to place a separate payment every time you book a lesson. Previous Stablecard purchases are displayed in the Pay with Stablecard section, via which you can purchase a lesson with your preferred Stablecard.

Some lessons also include the option of Purchase season that allows booking all recurring lessons in one go. Stables can also define booking fees or enable instalments for seasons. Further instructions regarding these options are displayed when booking a lesson. Please note that if you choose a season, you are purchasing all the lessons included in that season. You can also see in the reservation status how many lessons of the season have already been booked or are already full. You will receive Stablecards for these lessons once you have paid for the season.

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Contact the business

  • you are not certain which option is suitable for you

  • you notice that not all the options provided by the stable are available

  • you already have a Stablecard, but the Pay with Stablecard option is not available in a lesson where it should be.

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  • you experience technical difficulties in booking or placing the payment.

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