Update 2020-09-21
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User settings improved
We separated the rider account details, and now it is even easier to fill in the information. There is also a separate button in the account details for the account removal request. In addition, in Australia, the address information is now required, as businesses will have to collect these details due to the new COVID-19 regulations.

More clear stablecards for cancelled bookings
When you cancel a lesson and receive a stablecard as a compensation, the name of the card shows which lesson the card came from. This makes it easier to keep track of what the card is worth and what lessons it is suitable for.

Season riders appear separately for businesses
On the Attendees tab of the event window, those customers who are season riders of the lesson are now clearly marked with blue colour and a star icon.

Events can now be duplicated
You can easily copy any event with the "Copy event" button on the Edit tab of the event window. When using this feature, the most recent copies are stored in your device's memory as event templates, that can be accessed from the "Add new event" button's arrow menu.

Horse assign warns of simultaneous use
When using horse assign, a warning will appear if several staff members use the page at the same time. The information is checked in real-time, and this way, you can avoid accidentally overwriting changes made by others.

Dedicated refund button
On the History tab of the customer window, when you tap the View button on a payment, you can request a refund for that payment with the new "Refund payment" button. The refund request is sent to Hopoti's customer service, which processes the request and initiates the refund.

Renovated Help Center

The redesigned help.hopoti.com serves both users and businesses. The texts and images of the articles have been reviewed, and the translations checked.

New poster for businesses

Our new poster is designed to be used at the business premises, for example on the wall. Download PDF.

Club memberships of the Equestrian Federation of Finland are now available in Hopoti (only in Finland)
Users can add their club membership to Hopoti from their settings on the "Club Membership" tab. Membership is checked from the members' register of the Equestrian Federation of Finland with a membership number or personal identity number. The personal ID is not stored in Hopoti, and the membership only needs to be added once, after which Hopoti will automatically check the status of the membership in the future. Information about the user's club membership is visible to the stables and companies he uses in Hopoti.

Other improvements

  • On the Booking page, the selection of calendars has been clarified, and also, users can already see when they tap a lesson if they have a suitable stablecard.

  • If the parent cancels the bookings for the child accounts from parent's calendar, the recipient of the stablecard will now be the child account by default. The parent can still change this when cancelling, just as before.

  • Event type has been added to the drop-down menu in the event window, from which the lesson of the recurring event is selected.

  • The maximum number of payment parts to be selected for the payment plan has been raised. Now you could even create a separate invoice for each booking of the customer.

  • When you tap any booking on the Booking tab in the customer window, the same tools and options now appear as in the event window.

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