• Transferring bookings directly to another was one of the most desirable features of the spring visitor survey and now it works! In your calendar, when you tap a reservation, in addition to the Cancel Reservation option, the Transfer Reservation option now appears. Reservations can be transferred to both family members and Hopoti friends - however, the team may place restrictions on this.

  • It is now possible to sync your calendar, that is, add your Hopoti calendar to your own calendar application, just like Google Calendar. Below your Hopoti calendar, there is a Calendar Sync button, which you can tap to see instructions and use sync.

  • Hopoti Horsecare has received improvements. Licensing is now in place, meaning that rights to horses can be shared between users and stables as they wish. Veterinarian and other categories have been added to Horsecare labels. In addition, a few bugs have been fixed and operations have been optimized for mobile use.

  • Adding friends to Hopoti has been made easier. When you go to the Friends page, you can easily share the link to your own profile with Messenger, WhatsApp and other services. The link allows a friend to easily add you as a friend.

  • Other minor improvements - you can add favorite stables directly in the stable search, your calendar bookings always open in a window, switching between family accounts via the calendar is easier and when buying through it shows a breakdown of how many bookings and a team card you get if one of the lessons is already full.

  • When making payment plans, the business can now also distribute items to customers for payment on a calendar monthly basis. In this option, bookings for each calendar month are paid on a specific day in the previous month. This option is now enabled by default when creating a payment plan.

  • Other minor improvements - Better date picks have been added to the calendars, and the Attendees tab of the event now also shows customers who have been removed from the class by the team or if the customer has been removed from the lesson due to an unpaid bill. The Pages and Archive have also received bug fixes.

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