⭐ Ratings

Riders can now rate the lesson, the instructor, and the horse in their own calendar within two weeks of the lesson. Ratings are anonymous for group lessons and are only visible to the business – not publicly or to anyone else. The company does not see who left the rating but can see each section's number of ratings and averages on a lesson basis. Ratings provide businesses with immediate and valuable information on how successful a company and its various parts have been.

For further development, we are introducing an optional opportunity for companies to publish a trustmark on their Hopoti website, which automatically displays business rating averages and approvals from local organisations, such as the PCA, BHS, AIRE and SRL, to ensure safe and responsible operations at the stables.

🌍 New countries and languages

Hopoti.com can now be used in seven languages, the latest addition being German. The new countries selectable by the users are Canada, Estonia, Germany, Ireland and the United States.

📅 Event availability

Preparing new lessons and seasons is now easy, as availability to lessons, camps, and other events can be restricted. Availability can also be used to temporarily limit the lesson bookings if needed. The options are:

  • ❌ Hidden – the event is not available for booking and will not appear on the booking calendar.

  • 🔒 Locked – the event is not available for booking but is visible on the booking calendar.

  • ✅ Open – the event is available for booking and is visible on the booking calendar within regular settings and limitations.

Locked or hidden events can be published from the Events page one at a time, by date, or simply all at once. If you are copying more than one event, you can also choose to make copied events directly hidden or locked.

👁️ Restricted instructor

A restricted instructor's all-new user level is the most stripped-down version of all business staff access. The restricted instructor only sees lessons, reservations and clients and can create horse assigns and Horsecare entries. The Invoices, Cards, Archive, and Settings pages are disabled, and for example, the customer and event windows are read-only – meaning no changes can be made to reservations, invoices, or cards.

See the help article table for more details on the differences between an administrator, an instructor, and a restricted instructor.

📎 Attachments to Horsecare entries

Businesses can now add protected documents, such as PDFs, photos, or other files, to Horsecare entries. From now on, you can conveniently add all the information about a vet visit to Horsecare and much more.

⚕️ Medical bookkeeping

When you add a Medication entry to Horsecare, we will ask for all the information required for the medical bookkeeping separately. By filling out all the fields, you can easily make sure that Horsecare meets all the requirements for medical bookkeeping.

🖨️ Printing Horsecare Entries

We improved the printing on the Horsecare page, and you can now choose the time period you want to print. In addition to the time, you can specify printing by horses and entry categories, so you can easily print, for example, the medical bookkeeping of a specific horse from a longer period at once.

⛺ Improvements to camps

The camp program can now include other events than riding or theory lessons. All these events in the camp program can now also be named.

➕ Other changes

  • New event type cross-country.

  • Features for "Additional services" now include AIRE, BHS and PCA approvals.

  • Features for "Client services" now include Toilet.

  • The Clients page includes phone call buttons.

  • Revamped and more clear mobile menus.

  • Easier to add and edit events.

  • Lots of bug fixes and improvements.

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