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Hopoti or our payment provider, Stripe, don't store your card details. However, we offer optional auto-filling of your payment details with Link – a simple and secure one-click checkout solution used by Hopoti and numerous others like Uber, Airbnb, and more.

βœ… Tap the Link button during the checkout to:

  1. Save card details - linked to your Email and Phone.

  2. Verify your account with a one-time code via SMS.

  3. Speed up checkout with autofilled card details.

πŸ’³πŸ’¨ Fast checkout with Link

Lots of payments to do in Hopoti, and don't fancy entering your card details over and over again? No worries! Next time, when you're paying on our site, you can tap the "Autofill Link" or "Save with Link" button:

The Link button may be visible immediately or after entering the card details. Next, you'll see Link's "Sign up or log in" page. You can use your Email to continue and securely set up your card details and phone number. Once done, you will be redirected back to Hopoti, where on the checkout page, you can select your card details with just one click:

Link details are available on your device for up to 90 days on any Link-enabled business. After that, or when using a new device, you'll receive a one-time code via SMS or Email to verify your identity and keep the payment information secure.

Simple, secure and fast payments in Hopoti – enjoy! πŸ’™


If you want to make changes to your Link account, view your Link purchase history or reach out to the Link customer support team, please visit You'll also find more information on the Link Terms, Privacy and Cookies there.

πŸ‘€ Don't see the Link button?

The Link button may be visible immediately or after entering the card details. Link is only available on Hopoti businesses using Stripe – usually, that means all countries except Finland. Link works with the following browsers:

  • Evergreen browsers: Chrome, Chrome Mobile, and Microsoft Edge.

  • Safari on desktop and iOS (last three major versions).

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