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With the help of the pages, you can create a company website in Hopoti, either alongside or as a substitute for your current website. To create pages, click the βž•-button next to the Frontpage -button.

When you create a new page, a text box opens where you can add titles, text, images, videos, links, formatting, lists, and more. Other settings include:

  • Page name

  • Status: draft or published

  • Commenting: off or on

  • Tags - page can be seen by

  • Tags - page can be commented by

When creating or editing pages, tap the Order button to edit the order of the pages and create categories. Categories allow you to bundle multiple pages in a menu under one category, as shown below.

Finished pages work like any website, and depending on the settings, commenting may be available, commenting may be restricted, or the page may not appear at all. Below is an example image of a finished page.

Ideas for pages

  • If your company already has its own website, you can create a similar page structure and copy the content as such to Hopoti.

  • It's worthwhile to use videos and pictures with your pages to liven up your message.

  • Commenting and visibility on the pages can be limited by tags, so you can make your own page or discussion board for staff or regular customers.

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