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You can register and log in to Hopoti on the front page and the Log in section. Example photo of the login on our site:

All riders must have an individual account in Hopoti, including minors. This enables stables to view the riders’ information and assign horses to them effortlessly.

The Family account feature allows you to create a single guardian account that can be linked to several child accounts without the need for individual email accounts and the usual registration process. Be sure to check out this feature! 👍

You are asked to enter a few details upon registration, including your telephone number and date of birth. In addition, all riders must enter the contact details of an ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact person that can be used to contact the guardian of a minor or another contact person in case of an accident.

Once the registration is complete, start using Hopoti by adding your information in the service and finding a suitable stable.

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