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Registration and login can be done from the Hopoti homepage, the join page, and the login section. In the Login section, you can choose whether to join Hopoti with your Facebook or Google credentials. If you want to use only your email for account creation, enter the email you want to use in the bottom field. An example image of logging in on our website:

All riders must have an individual account in Hopoti, including minors. This enables stables to view the riders’ information and assign horses to them effortlessly.

✅ Family Accounts

The Family account feature allows you to create a single guardian account that can be linked to several child accounts without the need for individual email accounts and the usual registration process. Be sure to check out this feature! 👍 If there are multiple riders in the family, Family Accounts are the best way to manage all account bookings.

The quick guide to creating Family Accounts

  1. Create a guardian account (from the Hopoti homepage "Join" or the join page)

  2. Go to "Account Settings" in the top right corner menu of the page

  3. Open the "Family Accounts" tab

  4. Add child accounts from the "Add Child" section

During the registration process, we ask for some information such as phone number and date of birth. Additionally, each rider must have designated ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact information, through which the guardian or another close relative can be reached in the event of an accident, especially for minors. Mandatory information during registration includes weight and height details, as well as ICE contact information.

Once the registration is complete, start using Hopoti by adding your information in the service and finding a suitable stable.

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