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In addition to the Horse Assign tool, printing can also be done in the Archive’s Reports section, for instance. Detailed instructions on how to print the day view in the Horse Assign tool can be found below.

Printing the day view

When all clients have been assigned to a horse in the Horse Assign view, the list can be printed as a PDF file or on paper and posted on a wall to be viewed by clients. The print view can be opened by clicking the Print button in the upper right-hand corner. A picture of the print view can be found below.

The day to be printed can be selected in the Date field, and whether the default calendars or a certain calendar is to be printed can be defined in the Printing drop down menu. The Paper size may be between A0 and A5, and the Orientation is either portrait or landscape. The Layout drop down menu currently includes the following options:

  • By lesson shows the lessons of the day in chronological top-down order from left to right. The general information of each lesson, the list of participants and their assigned horses are displayed.

  • By horse shows each horse on its own row and the time of day horizontally. The name of the rider and the lesson are also displayed in the table.

  • By instructor shows all instructors of the day on their own horizontal columns and the lessons of the day on their own rows. The general information, the list of participants and their assigned horses of each lesson are displayed in the table.

Experiment with different paper sizes and layouts to find out the most suitable settings. All print-outs generate a PDF file that can be opened in a new tab by clicking Open, downloaded by clicking Download and opened in a new tab while beginning printing by clicking Print. If a certain layout does not seem to fit on the paper, select a larger paper size, which can be printed on several sheets of paper or scaled on a single sheet, if necessary.

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