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Once Events have been added and clients have made bookings to lessons, it is time to experiment with the Horse Assign tool. The tool is ideal for tablets and laptops, and it can be used to assign horses to clients at an event, for example.

The Horse Assign displays all lessons and participants of the day in a single view. The day to be planned can be changed with the arrow buttons in upper left-hand corner or with the date selector.

All the lessons of the day are displayed next to each other on the upper row, and the horses are displayed below one another on the left side of the screen. All participants of a lesson are stacked above the lesson. In the view, each participant can be assigned to a horse simply by clicking the field next to the selected horse.

A green field indicates an appropriate horse regarding the client’s height, weight and skill level. Correspondingly, red fields are not ideal for the client. A yellow field indicates that some information is missing and suitability is uncertain. In addition, the client’s favourite horses are indicated by a heart symbol.

When the day has been planned, you must save the changes made by clicking Save. After this, the day’s plan can also be printed by clicking Print. A variety of Print-outs are available to be posted on walls, for example, to display information to clients.

Additional information regarding the Horse Assign

The default view of the Horse Assign is Compact, which displays only the names of the clients. Select Detailsto view more information. If the information does not seem to fit on your screen, try the Full screen view available via the button in the upper right-hand corner. Some lessons of the day may be cropped on smaller screens. In such cases, use the buttons above the name of the day to navigate between lessons.

The stack of participants can be displayed by clicking the downward arrow button on the upper left-hand corner of the table. This displays all participants of the lessons and you can begin assigning horses to other participants simply by selecting the participant. Participants already assigned to horses can also be re-assigned by clicking the client first and then the new field or stack.

Monitoring a horse’s activity in the Horse Assign is also easy. A single view displays the horse’s programme for the entire day, and the horse card on the left side of the screen displays details of its activity. The number in bold (1.) indicates the number of lessons planned for the selected day, and the section to the left (2.) of it indicates the number of lessons ridden and planned lessons in the current week.

More information about the client and the horses assigned to them is available in the Client view that can be opened by clicking the small user button next to the client’s name. If you want to learn more about clients, their details and related notes, please read the Clients article.

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