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Copy any event with the "Copy event" button on the Edit tab of the event window. When using this feature, the most recent copies are stored in your device's memory as event templates, that can be accessed from the "Add new event" button's arrow menu.

Copy multiple events

Start copying events by selecting the view to be copied on the Events page. The settings of the displayed events will be copied, so select a week with appropriate settings for copying. Start copying events by clicking the additional options arrow button on the upper right-hand corner of the Events page and the Copy events button now displayed below.

The Copy events button is displayed by clicking the upper right-hand arrow button.

Click the button to open the Copy events view, read the instructions and continue by clicking the Load events button. Once the events are loaded, you can select the time frame where the events should be copied to, e.g. the first week and final week of a forthcoming season. After this, you can check the information of the copied events on the screen displayed, cf. example below.

By default the availability of copied events is hidden, but you can select any of these options for all of the copied events at once:

  • ❌ Hidden – the event is not available for booking and will not appear on the booking calendar.

  • πŸ”’ Locked – the event is not available for booking but is visible on the booking calendar.

  • βœ… Open – the event is available for booking and is visible on the booking calendar within regular settings and limitations.

Finally, once you confirm the copying, the events will be imported to the calendar, where you can view and edit them.

Event copying notes

  • Copying is not supported on mobile devices.

  • Use the Month/Week/Day option on the Events page to copy the events of your preferred view.

  • If you use multiple calendars, you can select that only a certain calendar will be copied, if necessary.

  • This feature can only be used to copy recurring events, not single events.

  • A new recurring series is created of the copied events. The feature does not add new lessons to already existing events.

  • Riders, horses, notes or event programmes are NOT copied to new events.

  • Check your copying settings carefully, as it is easy to create hundreds of new events with the feature.

  • Always check the result of using the feature.

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