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As stated in the Online sales article, it is possible to market a variety of products in addition to lessons in Hopoti, such as riding arena times, stalls and camps. For the sake of clarity, different services and products should have their own calendars visible to clients on the Booking page. Calendars can be edited via the company’s settings.

The name of the Calendar can be selected from a list of ready-made alternatives, and each calendar can be assigned an icon (in front of the name) and an additional identifier, if necessary. You can also select whether events are displayed in a calendar or in a showcase and the searched time frame, which specifies the format of the calendar or the time frame of events to be retrieved.

If an event has not been assigned to a calendar, it will always be displayed in the Horse Assign and print-outs. Conversely, if an event has been assigned to at least one calendar and one of these calendars has the Planning or Printing setting, the event will be displayed in the calendar. The Skill level and Stablecard settings indicate whether these items are shown to the client in the calendar on the Booking page.

The Showcase display format is a more impressive method of marketing events than the traditional calendar, and it is ideal for presenting information about camps, for instance. An example of what the selection of calendars looks like to clients in the Booking section and what the Showcase display format looks like can be found below:

The order of calendars and the location of the “All events and All services” calendars can be changed in the settings that can be accessed via the Order button. The calendar selected first will be displayed to clients in the Booking section by default, so it is advisable to think about what product you prefer to display, for example, a product from the Showcase range or your main product, such as riding lessons. You can also assign the “All” calendar as the primary calendar.

After you have created some calendars, you can assign them to events and tags. An event can be included in several calendars, for example, in the lesson and discounts calendar, at the same time. In addition, it is also possible to filter only lessons in certain calendars to be displayed in the Events and Horse Assign views, and a new feature of printing different calendars has also been added.

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