Update 2018-02-10
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  • With the help of family accounts, Hopoti accounts for the whole family can be easily accessed with a single ID, i.e. guardian accounts with child accounts underneath. By logging in to a guardian account, you can easily switch to any child account with a single click and it is easier to manage, book and cancel lessons. Also, children are no longer required to have an email address to use Hopoti, as child accounts can be created in the guardian’s family account settings without an email address or password. However, if that information is provided, the child accounts can also be used independently, allowing the child to log in to check which horse is coming to class and much more.

  • Stablecards can now be transferred between family and friends on a separate page created for the team cards, which can be found in the context of your own calendar.

  • The favorite stable chosen by riders first is now also a home stable. The home stable is more visible, for example in the menus, and in the future the home garage's hours and information will be better displayed elsewhere in Hopoti. You can change the home stable if you want on the favorite stables page.

  • Improved main menu for logged-in users, which contains a lot of new information and makes it easier to use Hopoti, especially on mobile devices.

  • Stablecards have been added to the Booking section of the stable and hours can now be limited according to the suitability of the stable cards.

  • In the future, the stable can create preliminary customers for its stable. Preliminary customers appear in the stables like any other customer, but the stable can create the customer and edit the information associated with it on the Customers page. If you wish, you can also attach an e-mail address to the customer, in which case the customer can request to finalize their account.

  • The Customers page has been redesigned to present family accounts and preliminary customers more clearly, and various filtering options have been added.

  • Enabled hiding individual customers from the customer list - this feature can be used to hide duplicate IDs or closed customers, for example. In the future, it will be possible to view hidden customers separately and return them to the customer list.

  • An age report has been added to the archive, which makes it easy to search for customers of a certain age and the number of booked hours in the desired time period. In addition, help texts have been added to the archive overview.

  • Added a Summary view to the day’s design that only shows horses with riders as well as lessons with participants.

  • Bug fixes and improvements e.g. in terms of day planning and Facebook login.

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