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All riders must have an individual account in Hopoti, including minors. This enables stables to view the riders' information and assign horses to them effortlessly. However, some families include several riders and not everyone necessarily has their own email address, and the management of different user IDs may be difficult. The answer to this and several other problems lies within Family Accounts.

Family Accounts can be used to create guardian and child accounts. If you log in to a guardian account, you can easily change to a child account with a single click, making the management, booking and cancellation of lessons very simple. Child accounts can also be used without accessing the guardian account first, so children can log in to see which horse they have been assigned to and browse a variety of other information.

Where can the family account settings be found?

The Family Account settings can be accessed by clicking the Account settings button in the main menu or your profile. Family Account settings can be opened by clicking the Family Accounts button.

Creating a Family Account

❗ Quick Guide to Creating a Family Account

  1. Create a parent account through the Hopoti homepage or the Join page. If you already have an account, please go ahead and proceed to step 2.

  2. Go to Account Settings in the top-right corner main menu.

  3. Navigate to the Family Accounts tab.

  4. Add a new child account under "Add Child." If the child doesn't have an existing account, create a new one using the 'New Account' button. Child accounts don't need email addresses; you can manage all of the child accounts through your parent account. If the child already has an account and you want to link it to your guardian account, log in to the child's account and add the guardian account under "Add parent."

The creation of a Family Account begins with establishing a guardian account. Guardians can join Hopoti and provide their information.

When a guardian account is created, you can navigate to Account Settings in the top-right corner menu. Within Account Settings, you'll find the Family Accounts tab, where you can create new child accounts.

You can use the 'Add Child' section to create child accounts and tap the 'New Account' button. When creating new child accounts, you will be prompted to provide the child's name and rider details. Child accounts may not necessarily require an email address, but you can also enable independent login for the account, allowing you to set a separate email address and password.

Linking current Hopoti accounts as Family Accounts

If your family has already registered Hopoti accounts, they can be linked as Family Accounts by logging in to the children's accounts and accessing the Family Account settings. Enter the guardian's email address used in Hopoti to the Add guardian field in the settings and save the settings. The Family Accounts are now active.

Using guardian accounts

Once the Family Accounts have been linked, all the linked child accounts can be accessed by logging in to the guardian account via the Switch account section in the main menu.

You can switch back to the guardian account via the same Switch account section in the main menu. All email messages sent to child accounts will be sent to the guardian account, including booking and cancellation notifications, so you are always kept up to date about the activities of all Hopoti accounts. Please note that you cannot use different accounts simultaneously, so you cannot use multiple tabs to log in to different accounts.

In order to book lessons, you must first select an account and go to booking. To cancel lessons, you must also select an account and go to the calendar. All bookings of child accounts are visible in the guardian's calendar, via which they can also be cancelled. Transferring Bookings & Stablecard credits between family members is also possible if the stable has enabled this feature.

Using child accounts

If an email address and password have been added to a child account, the account can also be used independently. In such cases, the child can log in to Hopoti, and the account can be used as any other Hopoti account. The only difference is that the account can also be accessed via the linked guardian account.

Thus, Independent usage enables child account users to book and cancel lessons and transfer Stablecard credits. The child will also receive all notifications in the specified email address, and they can check the horses assigned to the riders of a lesson with their device.

You can add login details to the child account by going to Account Settings on the guardian account, then to the Family Accounts tab, and editing the child's information. Here, you can input the email and password for the child's account.

Unlinking Family Accounts

Family Accounts can be unlinked via child and guardian accounts by removing other Family Accounts from the account. The Family Account settings can be accessed by opening the Account settings via the main menu or your profile.

For example, if a guardian does not need to access a child's account, the guardian can unlink the account. Correspondingly, guardian accounts can be unlinked via the child account. All unlinked accounts remain active if they have been assigned an email address and password. If this information is not provided, the accounts cannot be accessed and will be deleted.

❓ Frequently asked questions about Family Accounts

Can a Family Account have multiple guardians?

Unfortunately, not at the moment, but we are constantly developing Hopoti, and this is on our roadmap for the future. However, you can add the email of another guardian to the child's account, allowing both guardians to access the account information.

I created an account with my child's information; my email is in the account details. I want to create an account for myself, but my email is on the child's account. What can I do?

You can create a child account without an email for yourself under "Account settings" and "Family accounts". After this, please send a message through the chat or to so we can assist you in modifying the accounts.

I accidentally made a reservation on the guardian account when it was supposed to go to the child's account. How can I transfer the lessons to the correct account?

You can transfer paid reservations, according to stable policies, from your own calendar. If the stable does not allow reservation transfers or if it's an unpaid reservation, it's advisable to contact the stable directly, as they can move the reservation to the correct account.

I'm trying to add an email to the child's account, but it's not working. What's the issue?

The child may have created a new account with the email. Since an email cannot be associated with two accounts, adding the email to the child's existing account may not work. Try logging into Hopoti with the email to see if an account has already been created. If an account exists, the login window will prompt for a password rather than suggesting the creation of a new account.

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