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Refund payments
Updated over a week ago

Here's how refunding payments works in Hopoti:

  1. The customer agrees with the company to refund the payment.

  2. The business makes a refund request at Hopoti.

  3. Hopoti processes the refund request.

  4. The payment provider refunds the payment to the payment method used by the customer.

  5. The business removes all bookings or cards related to the refund.

Businesses can make a refund by opening the History tab in the customer window, selecting "View" for the desired payment, and then tapping "Refund payment." The refund request continues in the chat window, where businesses can choose whether to make a full refund (total amount is refunded) or a partial refund (the business selects the amount to be refunded).

Hopoti usually processes refund requests during office hours once a day. During the processing, we fulfil the refund and, by default, also correct the new amount (zero or the amount remaining from the partial refund) to appear in the business' accounting materials in Hopoti. We will confirm in the business' chat once the refund has been processed. Last but not least, it's the responsibility of the business to remove any bookings or cards related to the refund.

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