Riding diary
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Plus, members have access to the helpful and valuable riding diary that can be used unlimitedly for all rides on both riding schools and own horses. Track your progress and share your entries with friends, coaches, or anyone else!

You get everything conveniently captured in diary entries, like overall performance rating, duration, distance, gaits, feedback, and objectives. You can also connect the Polar Flow app to Hopoti and take your diary entries to another level! You can also make a riding diary entry from Polar training and automatically get heart rates, duration, and distance from your Polar device!

You can add new diary entries from the information in the past Hopoti booking, on the front page or from Add new button on the Own calendar page. If you add a diary entry from the past Hopoti booking, you get the lesson information automatically filled into your diary entry. You'll get the event type, start time, duration, and horse assigned to you from the lesson information. If you make your own diary entry, for example, training with your coach, you can fill these fields yourself.

Besides the basic information about the lesson, you can add the overall rating of the lesson and the rating of your and the horse's performance. Besides these, you can also add distance, gaits, image, descriptions of what you have done in the lesson, what kind of feedback you got, and objectives on how you can improve in the future.

If you want to share your diary entries with your friends, you can choose from the Account settings, which can view the content you share. You can also hide single entries from the diary entry fields so they will only show up to you. You can also like and comment on the riding diary entries others have shared for you!

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