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Make riding more fun with achievements! Earn badges from Hopoti or your riding school and work your way to the higher badge levels. You can make your way to your achievements from the front page. You'll find your newest medals from Hopoti and your riding school on the front page of the achievements. If you're unfamiliar with all the basic features of Hopoti, you can get to know those in the Hopoti basics part of the page! Under the achievements, you find Medals, Business badges, Personal badges, and Statistics.

From Hopoti medals, you find achievements like "Test driver," "Horse Crazy," or "Unicorn." These achievements come from Hopoti automatically based on your bookings and riding diary entries. You can check the levels you have already achieved by clicking the medal and see when you have achieved those and how far you are from the next level.

Hopoti businesses can also give their badges! For example, riding schools can provide badges to those most helpful in the stable!

As a Hopoti Plus member, you can also do your badges! You can make badges from your achievements, height records from jumping lessons, or competition results, and they will stay saved in Hopoti. You can add personal badges from the Personal badges page. You can choose the badge color from the preserved options or choose the colors yourself. You can decorate the badge also with an icon suited to the theme.

The Statistics bring you lots of new and requested data from ridings! Would you like to know which horse you have ridden the most overall? Or what kind of lessons have you ridden most? All this you'll find from the Stats page as a Hopoti Plus member.

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