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Connect Polar Flow to Hopoti
Connect Polar Flow to Hopoti
Updated over a week ago

You can now connect the Polar Flow app to Hopoti and get your horseback riding details from Polar straight to your riding diary! You can monitor your heart rates, duration, and much more you have recorded in Polar devices straight in Hopoti!


You can connect to Polar Flow in the Integrations tab found in Account settings by logging in with your Polar Flow account. After connecting, you get the training data from your Polar device straight to Hopoti's calendar every time you synchronize your training data to the Polar Flow app.

Training data

To get the training data from Polar Flow to Hopoti, you need to set the training type in Polar to horseback riding. From this data, you'll get the training's duration, distance, GPS tracking, heart rates, and calorie consumption. This data will connect automatically to your Hopoti lesson if they are at the same time.

Other manufacturers?

Currently, riding diary only supports Polar devices. Would you like to have some other device available? Tell us about it in the chat, and we'll add it to our list!

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