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Forms, Surveys and more
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Hopoti Forms is a handy tool that supports all your needs, such as:

  • Registration Form

    • Speciality: When making bookings, customers are asked to fill out the Registration Form.

    • Learn more: help article.

  • Other waivers

    • Examples: Photo Release Forms, Permission Slips

  • Contracts

    • Examples: Rental Agreements, Horse Boarding Agreements

  • Surveys

    • Examples: Feedback Surveys, Wish Surveys

    • Speciality: Filled forms are available automatically as summaries, with graphs, calculated averages and more.

  • Waiting lists

    • Examples: Waiting lists for stables, lessons or camps

  • Competitions

    • Examples: Collecting competition registrations and information

  • Forms

    • Examples: Any other forms

✍️ This article will explain how to use the regular Forms feature, but keep in mind that as part of the Forms, we also support Registration Forms – which the customers are automatically asked to fill out when making bookings in Hopoti. Learn more about that from the help article.

βž• Create Forms

Head to Clients > Forms > Edit Forms and tap the Add form button to start. You can select Registration Form and start crafting the form for your business. You can draft the form as long as you like and save it in between, as Publishing is a separate option.

The content of the forms is up to you! You can select which fields are required and optional, and we also have a wide range of field options available to customize the form as you like:

  • Header

    • Form title and subheaders.

  • Paragraph

    • Text content that you define to be part of the form.

  • Signature

    • Collect signatures with an automatic name clarification field.

  • User Information

    • Include all information saved on the User's profile at the time of the form submission.

  • Select

    • Single dropdown selection from the set options.

  • Checkbox Group

    • Single or multiple checkbox selections from the set options.

  • Radio Group

    • Single radio button selection from the set options.

  • Text Field

    • A single row of text for the customer to fill.

  • Text Area

    • A bigger text area for the customer to fill.

  • Number

    • A single row of a number for the customer to fill.

  • Star Rating

    • Customers can choose a rating between 1–5 stars.

  • Emoji Rating

    • Customers can select satisfaction between 1–5 emojis.

Once you're happy with the form, tap it as Published and Save. This will make the Form visible and ready to be filled on your Hopoti front page's Forms section.

βœ… Start getting filled Forms

All published Forms are visible on your Hopoti front page's Forms section. When you open any specific form from there, you can tap Share to get a direct link to the form. This link can be shared in Hopoti Feed or through email, social media and more to start getting filled Forms from your customers. We also have a help article for customers on Filling out Waivers and Forms.

After the form is filled, it is safely stored in Hopoti and a unique PDF document is also created. Customers will get a copy of that automatically via email, and it's also possible to get a copy of the filled forms sent to a business email address of your choosing. Go to Business Settings > Forms to enable this. You can also select how long signed Registration Forms are valid, whether you always require the latest version and more.

You can go to Clients > Forms to scroll through all the filled forms, open them, download them and much more.

✏️ Edit Forms

After the form is published and customers have started to submit them, you can no longer change that version of the Form. However, you can tap the Duplicate button located next to the Save button – this will give you a new draft of the same Form, where you can make the required changes. Once you are happy with the changes, you can tap the new version as Published and Save – and you should be ready to go with the latest version!

♾️ Unlimited Forms & Signatures

With Hopoti Waivers & Forms, there are no limitations on how many forms you can create or how many signatures you can collect. We don't charge anything per signed form – everything is already included in our standard Hopoti pricing.

Legally Binding Agreements

E-signatures carry the same weight and legal efficiency as handwritten signatures and paper documents in most parts of the world:

EU – eIDAS Regulation – Simple Electronic Signature (SES)

UK – eIDAS Regulation – Simple Electronic Signature (SES)

US – ESIGN & UETA Regulations – Electronic Signature

AU – ETA & ETR Regulations – Electronic Signature

CA – PIPEDA Regulations – Electronic Signature

Certificate of Authenticity

Each digitally signed Hopoti Form is certified authentic through a unique document ID. This certificate provides peace of mind, verifying that your signed forms have not been modified after signing and match the original document signed.

Securely Stored in the Cloud

Every transaction on the Hopoti platform is processed by a closely monitored Amazon Web Services (AWS) server infrastructure, secured with Cloudflare firewalls and encrypted using industry-standard 256-bit HTTPS Encryption.


The information or features on the Hopoti site, help articles or other materials are for general information only and are not intended to serve as legal advice, opinion or tool. Laws governing the subject matter may change quickly, so Hopoti cannot guarantee that this site's information or features are current or correct. Should you have specific legal questions about any of the information or features on this site, or their suitability for your business, you should consult with a licensed attorney in your area.

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