Preliminary clients
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In general, it is better to allow clients join Hopoti themselves. This ensures that their email address and other details are entered correctly. If necessary, companies can also add preliminary clients simply by clicking the Add client button on the Clients page. Preliminary clients are marked with the following icon in different views to remind you that the client has not yet joined Hopoti:

Companies can add and edit the name and rider details of preliminary clients and add the email address of the client, if necessary. If the email address of a preliminary client has been defined, a link to complete the registration of the account is sent to the address. Once the registration is completed, the status of the account changes from preliminary client to active Hopoti account, which the client can use to log in and manage their account. If an email address is not added to a preliminary client account, the client cannot log in to the account or receive notifications of bookings, cancellations or anything else.

The preliminary client feature is intended to be used in the deployment phase (makes registration faster), when new clients looking to join arrive at your stable (ask for their email address) or when a client does not want to or cannot use Hopoti.

We recommend that the status of preliminary client accounts is changed to active as quickly as possible in order to ensure the proper functionality of payments, bookings and cancellations.

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