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History is a handy tool for both clients and businesses to investigate various matters. It displays a wide range of events, such as purchases, bookings, cancellations, and changes to stable cards or invoices within the selected time frame, which is set to 6 months by default. You can download receipts for all transactions, and navigating to your calendar and event pages is convenient.

Clients can find their history in the bottom corner of their calendar. Businesses can review their client's history information from the client window's History section.

You can browse your history within the default 6-month timeframe, download receipts for various transactions, and navigate to different event pages. History is the most convenient way to get a comprehensive overview of your bookings, whether you are a client or a business.

Clients can see their own history below the calendar. Companies can view the history of their clients in the History section of the Client view.

To start utilizing the history

You can begin using your history right after registration. You can take advantage of the historical data and features as a customer or a company.

Final thoughts

History is a truly convenient feature both as a customer and as a company. It explains in detail the steps of all your bookings, purchases, cancellations, and invoicing. It allows for the examination of events and navigation to your calendars and event pages. History provides a comprehensive overview of your selected timeframe and offers receipts and event details.

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