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In this article:

  • Settings

  • Features

  • Price list

  • Personnel

  • Calendars

  • Venues

  • Rules

  • Partnership

  • Payments

Only the company’s pages and the buttons Booking, Shop and Horses are displayed to clients on the stable’s page. The personnel of the stable have access to many more like Events, Clients and Archive pages. Click the photo icons on the photos to change your profile or cover photo. Click the settings button to edit your settings. The sections are listed below.

More information about defining your settings can be found on the actual Settings page. However, if you do not find the information you need, please contact us for assistance.

We recommend that you define your settings as accurately as possible. Remember to click the Save button in each section after editing your settings!


The Settings section includes all basic settings of your business account.

  • Company description – displayed on the front page.

  • Company emails – notifications of payments, bookings and cancellations.

  • Default settings – require confirmed skill levels, closing bookings for the current day and Stablecard credit transfers.

  • Additional company information – the name and address of the stable.

  • Contact information – displayed on the front page.


Clients can get a full picture of the company’s services and look for suitable stables and other service providers based on the services and features entered by companies.

  • Stable features.

  • Services for clients.

  • Services for horses.

  • Other services.

Price list

Clients can see the company's price list on the company’s Hopoti page in a single view.

  • Adding, editing and removing products from the price list.

The purpose of the price list is to provide information regarding your products and prices. No products or services can be sold through it.


Adding the company’s personnel is easy in the Personnel section. All you need to do is ask your personnel to join Hopoti and you can add them with their email addresses. Check below for differences in permissions:


Unlimited access

e.g. business owners


No access to:

  • Archive

  • Settings

e.g. instructors, who need to make changes in bookings and events.

Restricted instructor

No access to:

  • Archive

  • Cards

  • Invoices

  • Settings


  • Events

  • Clients

e.g. instructors who don't need to make changes in bookings and events.

Also, you'll find the following from personnel:

  • Adding, editing and removing personnel.

  • The personnel’s titles, privileges and visibility can be defined.

  • Members of the staff who are made public are displayed to clients on the front page.


Calendars are an easy way of displaying a company’s lessons, camps, riding arena times, stall places and many other services and products in their own calendars, so that clients can find what they are looking for effortlessly.

  • Adding, editing and removing calendars.


All venues available, such as riding arenas and outdoor arenas, can be added to Hopoti. The venues can be assigned to different events, making the venue visible in the client’s calendar, certain print-outs and statistics.

  • Adding, editing and removing venues.


We have drawn up default rules and terms of service suitable for all companies. Nevertheless, as companies may have different kind of rules, you are allowed to edit these as you please. You can also define the default cancellation policy in this view, but event-specific cancellation policies can also be defined.

  • Editing rules.

  • Default cancellation policy.


Partner accounts allow Hopoti business accounts to exchange information. Currently, these accounts feature shared calendars, which enable the calendar and events of another Hopoti business account to be displayed on your Booking page.

  • Partner account management


In addition to registering to Hopoti, an agreement with an online payment service provider is required in order to make a company public in Hopoti. This section of settings includes the links and forms required to make the agreement.

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