Update 2020-02-10
Updated over a week ago
  • You can subscribe to get a notification by email for vacancies in full lessons. Notification button appears on the Booking page for full lessons.

  • Navigation improved. Business accounts will have a new Shop page if there are stablecards, memberships or gift cards for sale. On mobile, users can upload a new profile or cover photo by tapping the buttons on top of the photos.

  • Hopoti's new payment partner in Finland is Checkout. During February, our existing Finnish business accounts will be phased into Checkout payments.

    For users, the change is seen as new payment methods. New installment services are OP Osta laskulla and Collector Bank Lasku/Osamaksu. Also American Express card payment method will be introduced.

    For business accounts, the change of payment partner will be reflected as a lower cost per special payment method and extended opening hours of the payment partner's customer service. There will be no changes to Hopoti's sales commission or contracts.

  • An invoices tab has been added to the client window to view and create new invoices for the client.

  • Swedish businesses will now have a clearer view of their clients' personal ID details on the Customers page and in the customer window.

  • Translations and date formats added and corrected.

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