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Online sales is a completely new thing for many companies and other service providers who are beginning to use Hopoti. Modernising your business with Hopoti and the online booking and payment services provided by Hopoti is effortless and cost-efficient. We have tried to make the transition as smooth as possible by supporting all previous selling methods and the sales of all services and products offered by companies. This article provides details on the various options available.


Hopoti’s primary function is to provide a riding lesson booking service, which is why selling lessons is so easy with Hopoti.

Lessons can be created on the Events page. Recurring lessons can be created for six months at a time, for example, and there are several selling methods available for companies to choose from.

  • Single lesson allows purchasing single lessons at a certain price.

  • Stablecard enables purchasing the Stablecards, i.e. multiple use cards, as defined in the company’s settings.

  • Season refers to booking all lessons of a recurring event at a fixed price.

The Season option also supports dividing the payment into instalments and accepting registrations with payment of a booking fee. You should read more about these types of options that include Invoices.

Typically, lessons are created in Hopoti, and clients reserve and pay for them with their preferred payment method. However, this can also be performed the other way round by creating the lessons in Hopoti, adding clients to the lessons and creating a payment plan. This ensures that the clients are already added to the correct lessons and they only need to log in to Hopoti to pay their invoices. If this option seems interesting, please read more about Invoices.

Clients can cancel a lesson and book a corresponding lesson according to the cancellation policy selected by the company. Tags can be used by a company to set restrictions for cards and lessons in order to limit the applicability of cancelled lessons, for example, so that a cancelled group lesson cannot be used to book a private lesson. Limiting the availability of a lesson to a private group and discounts can also be done with tags, so be sure to use their full potential!

Camps, competitions and events

In addition to lessons, several Hopoti business accounts also arrange camps, competitions and other events. These are often sold in the same way as lessons.

It's advisable to use the Camp Tool when creating camps. You can read more about creating camps here.

Please consider the available lesson alternatives and select the most suitable one when arranging competitions and other events. You can also arrange free events with Hopoti by collecting registrations for trips and excursions, for instance.

Private lessons, trail rides and experiences

With Services feature businesses can flexibly sell all their services and experiences. Services differ from events in that the business defines the services to be offered, service options, possible restrictions, and appropriate schedules. The customer selects an available time and option and books all participants in the service at once – and also makes the payment for all participants.

Services have similar settings as in Events. That includes cancellation policies and tag restrictions. With Services there can also be different options within the service for different headcount or maybe for different trail rides.

Venue and equipment rentals

Indoor riding hall and other area and equipment rentals can also be provided via Hopoti, which may increase the sales potential of many companies without any additional effort! Clients may also be encouraged to rent a venue or equipment when it can be done easily and independently online.

Services are best suited for indoor arena bookings, private lessons, trail rides, accommodation, rentals and other special services where the customer can choose a more specific option, time and participants. Also with venue and equipment rentals you can enable unlimited monthly memberships and multi-time prepaid cards for services, which creates numerous possibilities.

If the rental period is long or the price is not defined in advance, it may be easier to process the rental with the Invoices feature. In this case, clients must first contact the company, and once the details of the rental have been agreed, an invoice can be created in Hopoti to be paid by the client.

Recurring invoices

Monthly stall place rentals, membership fees and other recurring invoices can be easily made with Hopoti’s Invoices feature. Recurring events can be used to create any kind of weekly or monthly recurring invoices. Monitoring the invoices is easy, and clients can pay recurring invoices in advance as they wish.

Other services and products

Selling other products and services via Hopoti can be done with the Invoices feature as single invoices. Companies can define the sold products and services in the free-form field, and clients will pay their invoices via Hopoti. This means that you can use your Hopoti business account to sell practically anything!

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