Cancelling lessons
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All lessons booked in Hopoti are displayed in the personal calendar of each user. All past and future lessons booked for you are displayed in the calendar. Click on a lesson to view additional information regarding the booking.

You can cancel future lessons by clicking the Cancel lesson button. If you cancel a lesson in accordance with the valid cancellation policy, you will be granted a one-time Stablecard that can be used to book an alternative lesson. You can view your Stablecards in the Pay with Stablecard section when booking a new lesson.


Contact the business if:

  • you have booked a lesson, but it is not displayed in your calendar

  • you need more information about the stable’s cancellation policy

  • you want to cancel the purchase and get a refund.

Contact Hopoti if:

  • you experience technical difficulties regarding a booking or cancelling a booking.

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