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Booking with Stablecards
Booking with Stablecards
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In order to book an alternative lesson, a lesson must first be cancelled in your own calendar. If you cancel an event according to the valid cancellation policy, you will be granted a one-time Stablecard.

Booking an alternative lesson is similar to booking other lessons. Go to the stable’s Booking section to see the Stablecards accepted by the stable.

Click the Stablecard to display only the lessons the Stablecard is valid for. You can also click the Show valid lessons on the Stablecards page to set this restrictions. When you have found a suitable lesson, proceed to booking.

Select Pay with Stablecard in the booking phase. If there are enough credits on the card, you can click more than one lesson in the Schedule section to book them all at once. Finally, simply confirm your booking.


Contact the stable if:

  • you already have a Stablecard, but the Pay with Stablecard option is not available in a lesson where it should be

  • you would like to edit the Stablecard’s period of validity or applicability to lessons

  • you need more information about the stable’s cancellation policy.

Contact Hopoti if:

  • you experience technical difficulties in booking or with Stablecards.

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