Cancellation policy
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Lessons bought at a business are generally not refunded as the purchase is for a leisure service agreed for a specific time. However, cancelled events are usually refunded with credits added to the Stablecard. Refunded credits can be used to book an alternative lesson by the end of the validity period.

Businesses may select a suitable cancellation policy alternative from Full (0h), Flexible (12h), Standard (24h) and Strict (48h). The hours of these policies indicate the period of time the cancellation must be made in advance. Another alternative option is to opt for the No cancellation right policy. Additional information regarding cancellation terms:

  • You have the right to cancel a lesson in your own calendar under Hopoti > Calendar after logging in to Hopoti. A cancellation confirmation will be sent to your email address.

  • Cancelling a lesson within the period of time specified in the cancellation policy will grant you a new single-use Stablecard with the following validity period, depending on the type of lesson:
    - Season lesson valid until the end of the season.
    - Lesson paid for with Stablecard valid until the end of the validity period of the original Stablecard.
    - Lesson, no Stablecard valid for 1 month from the event.

  • Please cancel your lesson immediately when you know that you cannot participate even if the cancellation time as specified in the cancellation policy has expired so that the stable receives this information.

  • Under special circumstances and at the discretion of the stable, it may be possible to get a refund for payments – please ask the business directly.

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