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The list of all clients of a business account is displayed on the Clients page. Everyone who has made a purchase or added your stable as a favourite is displayed on the list.

The clients are listed one below the other. The basic info section indicates the skill level, weight and height entered by the client and their Stablecard credits and bookings. The Notes section displays any notes regarding the client or the company saved by the company or the client, respectively. The Contact information section includes the client’s email address, telephone number and emergency contacts.

You can search for certain clients or arrange them in the preferred order by clicking the headers. It is also possible to filter clients by their type and download data as CSV files.

Click a client’s name to open the client view which includes all details, tags, bookings, Stablecards and the history of the client.

Some details, such as notes, bookings and Stablecards can also be edited in the view by clicking them. You can also open the client view in other views, such as the Events page and the Horse Assign tool.

All active bookings can be viewed by clicking Bookings. Past bookings can also be viewed, but only future bookings can be cancelled in the view.

You can also hide clients in the client list by clicking the Hide client button in the client view. This feature can be used to hide inactive clients or duplicate accounts, for instance. Hidden clients do not become visible if clients are added manually to a lesson, and no email is sent to hidden clients when sending messages from the Clients page.

Click on the Send message button to send email to the client. The Clients page also has a Send messages button. Click on this to select multiple recipients for the email. From the Tags page, you can send messages to different tag groups. For example, if you don't want to send messages to all clients but only to regular clients who are marked with a specific tag, you can use this feature.

In general, it is better to allow clients to join Hopoti themselves and request them to add your stable as a favourite. This ensures that their email address and other details are entered correctly and the client is displayed to the company. If necessary, you can also add preliminary clients to a business account by clicking the Add client button on the Clients page. This feature is intended to be used in the deployment phase (it makes registration faster), when new clients looking to join arrive at your stable (ask for their email address) or when a client does not want to or cannot use Hopoti.

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